756128 Pin Code

Aharapada, Bhadrak, Bhadrak, Odisha, India

756128 pincode is belongs to Bhadrak district in the state of Odisha.

List of Post Offices in 756128 Pincode

Post Office

Aharapada Post Office Details:

Post Office Name
Post Office Address Bhadrak, Bhadrak, Odisha, India (756128)

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Office Type Branch Office

Gujidarada Post Office Details:

Post Office Name
Post Office Address Bhadrak, Bhadrak, Odisha, India (756128)

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Office Type Sub Office

Keshpur Post Office Details:

Post Office Name
Post Office Address Bhadrak, Bhadrak, Odisha, India (756128)

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Office Type Branch Office

List of Bank


Indian Overseas Bank, Gujidarada Details:

Branch Gujidarada
Bank Name
Address Gujidarada, Gujidarada, Pin

Hospital in 756128 Pin Code


School and Colleges in 756128 Pin Code

School and Colleges

List of ATM


Indian Overseas Bank ATM Details:

Bank Name
Address At & Post Gujidarada

Gas Agencies in 756128 Pin Code

Gas Agencies

756128 Cities/Villages

Cities/Villages Panchayat Block District State
Gopalbindha Bental Bhadrak Bhadrak Odisha
Basalpur Bental Bhadrak Bhadrak Odisha
Chakbental Bental Bhadrak Bhadrak Odisha
Jagannathapur Bental Bhadrak Bhadrak Odisha
Bental Bental Bhadrak Bhadrak Odisha
Aharpada Khandatada Bhadrak Bhadrak Odisha
Raghupatibindha Khandatada Bhadrak Bhadrak Odisha
Gujidarada Gujidarda Bhadrak Bhadrak Odisha
Kasalpur Bental Bhadrak Bhadrak Odisha
Panibhandar Bental Bhadrak Bhadrak Odisha
Chakasridharpur Bental Bhadrak Bhadrak Odisha
Barikpur Kubera Tihidi Bhadrak Odisha
Aharapada Bhadrak Odisha
Gujidarada Bhadrak Odisha
Keshpur Bhadrak Odisha

List of villages

About Bhadrak

Bhadrak district is a coastal district located in the eastern part of the Indian state of Odisha. Spread over an area of approximately 2,505 square kilometers, it is known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and scenic beauty. The district shares its borders with the Bay of Bengal, Jajpur district, and Kendrapara district, making it a region of strategic importance. Bhadrak town is the district headquarters and a bustling commercial and cultural center.

The district is known for its diverse topography, which includes coastal plains, rivers, and hills. The Baitarani River flows through the district, adding to its natural beauty and providing water for irrigation and other purposes. The district is also known for its pristine beaches, such as Chandbali and Dhamra, which attract tourists and travelers from far and wide.

Bhadrak district has a rich history dating back to ancient times. It was part of the Kalinga Empire and was later ruled by various dynasties, including the Bhauma-Kara dynasty, the Somavamshi dynasty, and the Ganga dynasty. The region was also an important trade center during the medieval period, with maritime trade and cultural exchanges with Southeast Asia and other parts of the world.

The district is known for its cultural heritage, with a mix of Odia, Bengali, and tribal cultures. The people of Bhadrak district celebrate various festivals throughout the year, including Durga Puja, Raja, and Kartik Purnima, which are unique to the region. The district is also known for its traditional arts and crafts, including Pattachitra paintings, terracotta work, and brassware.

Bhadrak district is blessed with abundant natural resources, including fertile agricultural lands, forests, and fisheries. Agriculture is the mainstay of the district's economy, with crops such as paddy, wheat, and vegetables being cultivated. The district is also known for its fishing communities, who depend on the coastal waters for their livelihoods.

The district is home to several wildlife sanctuaries, including the Bhitarkanika National Park, which is known for its rich biodiversity. The park is home to various species of flora and fauna, including saltwater crocodiles, Indian pythons, and spotted deer. The Bhitarkanika mangroves, located in the district, are also a unique ecosystem that supports a diverse range of plant and animal species.

Infrastructure development has been a focus in Bhadrak district in recent years, with significant improvements in roads, electricity, and other basic amenities. The district is also witnessing industrial growth, with the establishment of several agro-based industries, fish processing units, and salt factories. This has led to economic growth and employment opportunities for the local population.

Despite the progress, there are also challenges in Bhadrak district. Issues such as environmental degradation, climate change, and disaster management need to be addressed. Conservation efforts, sustainable agriculture practices, and community-based initiatives are being undertaken to protect the region's natural resources and preserve its cultural heritage.

In conclusion, Bhadrak district is a region of historical, cultural, and natural significance in Odisha. With its diverse topography, rich history, and cultural heritage, the district offers a unique blend of traditional and modern lifestyles. The district's natural resources, agricultural activities, and wildlife sanctuaries contribute to its economic and ecological importance. Efforts towards sustainable development and conservation will ensure that Bhadrak district continues to thrive and preserve its rich heritage for future generations to come.

Aharapada in this area have total 3 post offices, hospital, 1 ATMs, college, gas agencies, 15 cities, block, panchayat & near villages in 756128 pincode, which Bhadrak district of Odisha state in India.

756128 Related FAQ

What is the Aharapada pincode in Odisha?

Aharapada Pin Code 756128

What is the contact address for Aharapada Post Office, Odisha?

Aharapada Post Office is located at Aharapada, Bhadrak - 756128, Bhadrak, Odisha.

What is the contact number for Aharapada Post Office, Odisha?

You can contact the Aharapada Post Office at this officials given number: -.

How many post offices are linked with the PIN Code 756128?

There is 3 number of post office linked with this PIN Code 756128, Aharapada, Bhadrak, Bhadrak, Odisha, India.


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