851116 Pin Code

B.T.P.P, Begusarai, Begusarai, Bihar, India

851116 pincode is belongs to Begusarai district in the state of Bihar.

List of Post Offices in 851116 Pincode

Post Office

B.T.P.P Post Office Details:

Post Office Name
Post Office Address Begusarai, Begusarai, BIHAR, India (851116)

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Hospital in 851116 Pin Code


School and Colleges in 851116 Pin Code

School and Colleges

List of ATM


State Bank of India ATM Details:

ATM Name/ATM ID T1By000032073
Bank Name
Address Refinary Road, Bihat, Begusarai Refinary Road, Bihat, Begusarai

Bank Of India ATM Details:

ATM Name/ATM ID R4600030
Bank Name
Address . Thermal Power Station, Barauni

State Bank of India ATM Details:

ATM Name/ATM ID S1Bw002912003
Bank Name
Address Rajendra Road Barauni Rajendra Road Barauni

Bank Of India ATM Details:

ATM Name/ATM ID Zbg9034
Bank Name
Address . Thermal Power Station, Barauni

State Bank of India ATM Details:

ATM Name/ATM ID S5Be002912621
Bank Name
Address Sograha Baruani Sbi Barauni Sograha Baruani, Near Barauni Police Station

Tata Communications Payment Solutions Limited ATM Details:

ATM Name/ATM ID Tkie0451
Bank Name
Address Khesra No. 4163, Simariya (Malahipur), Barauni, Begusarai Khata No.197,

Tata Communications Payment Solutions Limited ATM Details:

ATM Name/ATM ID Tkie0819
Bank Name
Address Khesra No. 4163, Simariya (Malahipur), Barauni, Begusarai Khata No.197,

Gas Agencies in 851116 Pin Code

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851116 Cities/Villages

Cities/Villages Panchayat Block District State
B.T.P.P Begusarai Bihar

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About Begusarai

Begusarai district, located in the state of Bihar, India, is a region known for its historical significance, cultural heritage, and agricultural prominence. With its headquarters in the city of Begusarai, the district spans an area of approximately 2,416 square kilometers and is home to a diverse population that includes people from various castes, religions, and communities.

The history of Begusarai district dates back to ancient times, with evidence of human settlements and civilizations found in the region. The district has been ruled by various dynasties, including the Mauryas, Guptas, Pala Kings, and Mughals, each leaving their marks on the region's culture and heritage. The famous Khudabad Mosque, built during the Mughal era, is a significant historical monument in the district, attracting tourists and history enthusiasts alike.

Begusarai district is also known for its vibrant cultural heritage. The district is home to people from various religions, including Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and others, who live harmoniously and contribute to the cultural diversity of the region. The local festivals and fairs, such as Durga Puja, Eid, Holi, and Baisakhi, are celebrated with great zeal, reflecting the rich cultural traditions and customs of the region.

Agriculture is a major economic activity in Begusarai district, and it is known as one of the most agriculturally productive regions in Bihar. The district is primarily dependent on agriculture, with crops such as paddy, wheat, maize, and sugarcane being the main agricultural products. The district is also known for its dairy farming, with milk production being a significant source of livelihood for many farmers. The district is known for its traditional agricultural practices, including the use of organic fertilizers and traditional irrigation techniques, which are passed down through generations.

Begusarai district is also known for its water resources, including the Burhi Gandak River, which flows through the district, and the Koshi River, which forms the eastern boundary of the district. These rivers not only provide water for irrigation but also serve as a major source of drinking water and transportation for the region. The district also has several lakes, ponds, and reservoirs, which not only support agriculture but also add to the natural beauty of the region.

Education and healthcare are also important aspects of Begusarai district's development. The district has a number of educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and vocational training centers, providing access to education and skill development for the local population. Healthcare facilities, including hospitals and health centers, are also available in the district, catering to the healthcare needs of the communities. However, there is a need for continued efforts towards improving the education and healthcare infrastructure, particularly in remote and underserved areas.

Begusarai district is also known for its local crafts and art forms. The district is famous for its Madhubani paintings, a traditional folk art form that originated in the region. The colorful and intricate Madhubani paintings are widely appreciated and are popular among art collectors and tourists alike. The district also has a rich tradition of folk dances, music, and theater, which showcase the cultural heritage of the region.

In conclusion, Begusarai district is a region with a rich history, cultural heritage, and agricultural prominence. Its historical monuments, cultural traditions, agricultural activities, and local crafts make it a unique destination with immense potential for tourism and economic development. With continued efforts towards sustainable agriculture, education, healthcare, and preservation of its cultural heritage, Begusarai district is poised for growth and development.

B.T.P.P in this area have total 1 post offices, hospital, 7 ATMs, college, gas agencies, 1 cities, block, panchayat & near villages in 851116 pincode, which Begusarai district of Bihar state in India.

851116 Related FAQ

What is the B.T.P.P pincode in Bihar?

B.T.P.P Pin Code 851116

What is the contact address for B.T.P.P Post Office, Bihar?

B.T.P.P Post Office is located at B.T.P.P, Begusarai - 851116, Begusarai, Bihar.

What is the contact number for B.T.P.P Post Office, Bihar?

You can contact the B.T.P.P Post Office at this officials given number: -.

How many post offices are linked with the PIN Code 851116?

There is 1 number of post office linked with this PIN Code 851116, B.T.P.P, Begusarai, Begusarai, Bihar, India.


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