Adilabad district details mentioned below with block list, gram panchayat list, gas agency list, college list,village list, etc.

District: Adilabad

State: Telangana

Country: India

Adilabad State's official website:

Head quarter: Adilabad

Populations: 708952

Area: 4185.97 km2

Density: 171 km2

Block list in Adilabad District

# Name Code District State
1 Adilabad 2 Adilabad Telangana
2 Asifabad 15 Adilabad Telangana
3 Bazarhathnoor 19 Adilabad Telangana
4 Bejjur 13 Adilabad Telangana
5 Bela 4 Adilabad Telangana
6 Bellampalle 46 Adilabad Telangana
7 Bhainsa 35 Adilabad Telangana
8 Bhimini 24 Adilabad Telangana
9 Boath 20 Adilabad Telangana
10 Chennur 52 Adilabad Telangana
11 Dahegaon 25 Adilabad Telangana
12 Dandepalle 44 Adilabad Telangana
13 Dilawarpur 39 Adilabad Telangana
14 Gudihathnoor 6 Adilabad Telangana
15 Ichoda 18 Adilabad Telangana
16 Inderavelly 7 Adilabad Telangana
17 Jainad 3 Adilabad Telangana
18 Jainoor 16 Adilabad Telangana
19 Jaipur 51 Adilabad Telangana
20 Jannaram 30 Adilabad Telangana
21 Kaddam (Peddur) 31 Adilabad Telangana
22 Kagaznagar 14 Adilabad Telangana
23 Kasipet 45 Adilabad Telangana
24 Kerameri 9 Adilabad Telangana
25 Khanapur 43 Adilabad Telangana
26 Kotapalle 47 Adilabad Telangana
27 Kouthala 12 Adilabad Telangana
28 Kubeer 34 Adilabad Telangana
29 Kuntala 33 Adilabad Telangana
30 Laxmanchanda 41 Adilabad Telangana
31 Lokeswaram 38 Adilabad Telangana
32 Luxettipet 49 Adilabad Telangana
33 Mamda 42 Adilabad Telangana
34 Mancherial 50 Adilabad Telangana
35 Mandamarri 48 Adilabad Telangana
36 Mudhole 37 Adilabad Telangana
37 Narnoor 8 Adilabad Telangana
38 Nennal 27 Adilabad Telangana
39 Neradigonda 21 Adilabad Telangana
40 Nirmal 40 Adilabad Telangana
41 Rebbana 23 Adilabad Telangana
42 Sarangapur 32 Adilabad Telangana
43 Sirpur 22 Adilabad Telangana
44 Sirpur (T) 11 Adilabad Telangana
45 Talamadugu 5 Adilabad Telangana
46 Tamsi 1 Adilabad Telangana
47 Tandur 28 Adilabad Telangana
48 Tanoor 36 Adilabad Telangana
49 Tiryani 29 Adilabad Telangana
50 Utnoor 17 Adilabad Telangana
51 Vemanpalle 26 Adilabad Telangana
52 Wankdi 10 Adilabad Telangana

College in Adilabad District

About Adilabad

Adilabad district, located in the northern part of the state of Telangana, India, is a region that is steeped in history, culture, and natural beauty. Covering an area of approximately 4,153 square kilometers, Adilabad district is known for its tribal communities, agricultural economy, handicrafts, and tourist attractions.

The district is home to various tribal communities, including Gonds, Kolams, Pardhans, and others, who contribute to the unique cultural heritage of the region. The tribal communities have their distinct customs, traditions, and lifestyle, which are evident in their art, music, dance, and festivals. The tribal art forms, such as traditional paintings, bamboo and woodwork, pottery, and tribal jewelry, are famous for their intricate designs and vibrant colors, showcasing the rich craftsmanship of the local artisans.

Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy in Adilabad district. The fertile lands of the Godavari and Kadam rivers, which flow through the district, support the cultivation of crops such as cotton, maize, soybean, groundnuts, and sunflower. The district is also known for its floriculture and horticulture, with the production of roses, sunflowers, and vegetables being prominent. The government of Telangana has implemented various agricultural and irrigation schemes to promote sustainable farming practices and improve the livelihoods of farmers in the region.

Handloom weaving is another significant industry in Adilabad district, with the town of Adilabad being renowned for its distinctive handwoven textiles. Adilabad sarees, known for their unique patterns and vibrant colors, are famous for their craftsmanship and are in demand among buyers in India and abroad. The district is also known for its handwoven bedspreads, which are woven using traditional techniques and are popular for their intricate designs and durability.

Adilabad district is blessed with abundant natural beauty. The district is covered with dense forests, which are home to various flora and fauna, including teak, bamboo, tigers, leopards, and deer. Kadam Dam, located on the Kadam River, is a popular tourist spot in the district, offering boating and recreational opportunities. The Kadam Project, a major irrigation project in the region, has transformed the landscape of the district and has facilitated the development of agriculture and allied activities. Kadam Reservoir, with its serene surroundings and picturesque views, is also a popular destination for nature lovers and tourists.

Jainath temple, located in Jainath village of Adilabad district, is a famous pilgrimage site for Jains and is known for its ancient architecture and spiritual significance. The temple is dedicated to Lord Mahavira and is visited by devotees from across the country. The district is also home to numerous other religious sites, including Basar Saraswathi Temple, Kadam Narasimha Swamy Temple, Kadam Basavanna Temple, and Kadam Natha Temple, which attract pilgrims and tourists alike.

The district is well-connected by road and rail networks, with National Highway 44 passing through it, connecting it to major cities in the region. The district is also served by several state highways and has a well-developed transport infrastructure. The nearest airport is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad, which is approximately 300 kilometers away.

Administratively, Adilabad district is divided into two revenue divisions, Adilabad and Utnoor, and is further subdivided into 18 mandals and 605 villages. The district is governed by a district collector, who is the highest administrative officer, and other officials appointed by the government of Telangana.

Adilabad district is a region of rich cultural heritage, agricultural economy, handicrafts, and natural beauty.