Anand district details mentioned below with block list, gram panchayat list, gas agency list, college list,village list, etc.

State: Gujarat

Country: India

Anand State's official website:

Head quarter: Anand

Populations: 2090276

Area: 2942 km2

Density: 711 km2

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Gas Agency in Anand District

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College in Anand District

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List of districts in Gujarat State

# District Head quarter Populations Area Density Village
1 Ahmedabad Ahmedabad 7208200 8707 km2 890 km2 -
2 Amreli Amreli 1513614 6760 km2 205 km2 -
3 Anand Anand 2090276 2942 km2 711 km2 -
4 Aravalli Modasa 1051746 3217 km2 327 km2 -
5 Banaskantha (Palanpur) Palanpur 3116045 12703 km2 290 km2 -
6 Bharuch Bharuch 1550822 6524 km2 238 km2 -
7 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar 2877961 11155 km2 288 km2 -
8 Botad Botad 656005 2564 km2 256 km2 -
9 Chhota Udepur Chhota Udepur 1071831 3237 km2 331 km2 -
10 Dahod Dahod 2126558 3642 km2 582 km2 -
11 Dangs (Ahwa) Ahwa 226769 1764 km2 129 km2 -
12 Devbhoomi Dwarka Khambhalia 752484 5684 km2 132 km2 -
13 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar 1387478 649 km2 660 km2 -
14 Gir Somnath Veraval 1217477 3754 km2 324 km2 -
15 Jamnagar Jamnagar 2159130 14125 km2 153 km2 -
16 Junagadh Junagadh 2742291 8839 km2 310 km2 -
17 Kachchh -
18 Kheda (Nadiad) Nadiad 2298934 4215 km2 541 km2 -
19 Mahisagar Lunavada 994624 2500 km2 398 km2 -
20 Mehsana Mehsana 2027727 4386 km2 462 km2 -
21 Morbi Morbi 960329 4871 km2 197 km2 -
22 Narmada (Rajpipla) Rajpipla 590379 2749 km2 214 km2 -
23 Navsari Navsari 1330711 2211 km2 602 km2 -
24 Panchmahal (Godhra) Godhra 2388267 5219 km2 458 km2 -
25 Patan Patan 1342746 5738 km2 234 km2 -
26 Porbandar Porbandar 586062 2294 km2 255 km2 -
27 Rajkot Rajkot 3157676 11203 km2 282 km2 -
28 Sabarkantha (Himmatnagar) Himatnagar 2427346 7390 km2 328 km2 -
29 Surat Surat 6081322 4418 km2 953 km2 -
30 Surendranagar Surendranagar 1755873 10489 km2 167 km2 -
31 Tapi (Vyara) Vyara 806489 3435 km2 249 km2 -
32 Vadodara Vadodara 3639775 7794 km2 467 km2 -
33 Valsad Valsad 1703068 3034 km2 561 km2 -

Village in Anand District

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About Anand

Anand district, located in the state of Gujarat, India, is renowned for being the milk capital of the country and for its significant contribution to the dairy industry. The district is known for its cooperative dairy movement, agricultural practices, and educational institutions that have earned it recognition both nationally and internationally.

The town of Anand, which is the district headquarters, is synonymous with the success of the cooperative dairy movement in India. It is home to the famous Anand Milk Union Limited (AMUL), which is one of the largest and most successful dairy cooperatives in the world. AMUL has been a driving force behind the socio-economic development of the region, empowering farmers and creating a sustainable model of milk production and marketing.

The agriculture sector plays a crucial role in the economy of Anand district. The region has fertile soil and favorable climatic conditions, which support the cultivation of a variety of crops such as cotton, groundnut, tobacco, wheat, and sesame. The farmers in Anand district adopt modern farming techniques and practices, making it a progressive agricultural region.

Anand district is also known for its educational institutions. The town of Anand is home to renowned educational institutions like the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture and Technology (SVPUAT), the Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA), and the Anand Agricultural University (AAU). These institutions have played a significant role in promoting education, research, and innovation in the field of agriculture, dairy science, and rural development.

The district is also known for its cultural heritage, with several temples, mosques, and historic sites that attract tourists and pilgrims. The Swaminarayan Temple in Borsad, the Khetarvav Jain Temple in Anand, and the Vallabh Vidyanagar, a town developed as a part of the Bhoodan movement, are some of the notable cultural landmarks in the district.

Anand district has a well-developed infrastructure, with a network of roads and railways that connect it to major cities in Gujarat and neighboring states. The district is well-connected to major cities like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Surat, making it accessible for trade and commerce. The district is also known for its industrial and commercial activities, with a growing presence of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in sectors like dairy processing, food processing, textiles, and engineering.

The healthcare facilities in Anand district are well-developed, with hospitals and healthcare centers catering to the medical needs of the local population. The district administration also takes initiatives to promote healthcare awareness and programs for the welfare of the people.

In terms of tourism, Anand district offers unique experiences for visitors interested in learning about the cooperative dairy movement and rural livelihoods. Tourists can visit the AMUL Dairy and learn about the milk processing and marketing operations, as well as experience the cooperative model in action. The district also offers opportunities for eco-tourism, with nature trails, bird-watching, and rural village visits that provide insights into the local culture and way of life.

In conclusion, Anand district is a region that has earned recognition for its significant contribution to the dairy industry, agricultural practices, and educational institutions. It is a region that showcases the success of the cooperative model and the potential of rural development. With its cultural heritage, well-developed infrastructure, and unique tourism opportunities, Anand district is a destination worth exploring for its agricultural, educational, and cultural treasures.