Bhiwani district details mentioned below with block list, gram panchayat list, gas agency list, college list,village list, etc.

State: Haryana

Country: India

Bhiwani State's official website:

Head quarter: Bhiwani

Populations: 1629109

Area: 5140 km2

Density: 341 km2

Block list in Bhiwani District

# Name Code District State

Gram Panchayat list in Bhiwani District

# Name Code Block District State

Gas Agency in Bhiwani District

# Agency Company Contact District State Pincode

College in Bhiwani District

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List of districts in Haryana State

# District Head quarter Populations Area Density Village
1 Ambala Ambala 1136784 1569 km2 722 km2 -
2 Bhiwani Bhiwani 1629109 5140 km2 341 km2 -
3 Charkhi Dadri Charkhi Dadri 502276 1370 km2 367 km2 -
4 Faridabad Faridabad 1798954 783 km2 2298 km2 -
5 Fatehabad Fatehabad 941522 2538 km2 371 km2 -
6 Gurugram (Gurgaon) Gurgaon 1514085 1258 km2 1241 km2 -
7 Hisar Hissar 1742815 3788 km2 438 km2 -
8 Jhajjar Jhajjar 956907 1868 km2 522 km2 -
9 Jind Jind 1332042 2702 km2 493 km2 -
10 Kaithal Kaithal 1072861 2799 km2 467 km2 -
11 Karnal Karnal 1506323 2471 km2 598 km2 -
12 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra 964231 1530 km2 630 km2 -
13 Mahendragarh Narnaul 921680 1900 km2 485 km2 -
14 Nuh Nuh 1089406 1765 km2 729 km2 -
15 Palwal Palwal 1040493 1367 km2 761 km2 -
16 Panchkula Panchkula 558890 816 km2 622 km2 -
17 Panipat Panipat 1202811 1250 km2 949 km2 -
18 Rewari Rewari 896129 1559 km2 562 km2 -
19 Rohtak Rohtak 1058683 1668 km2 607 km2 -
20 Sirsa Sirsa 1295114 4276 km2 303 km2 -
21 Sonipat Sonipat 1480080 2260 km2 697 km2 -
22 Yamunanagar Yamuna Nagar 1214162 1756 km2 687 km2 -

Village in Bhiwani District

# Village Village Code Block Name Area Population Pincode

Pincode in Bhiwani District

# Area District State Pin
1 Islamnagar Bhiwani Haryana 811301
2 Sono Bhiwani Haryana 811314
3 Khaira Bhiwani Haryana 811317
4 Jamui Bhiwani Haryana 811313
5 Laxmipur Bhiwani Haryana 811312
6 Chakai Bhiwani Haryana 811303
7 Khaira Bhiwani Haryana 811305
8 Jhajha Bhiwani Haryana 811308
9 Jhajha Bhiwani Haryana 811316
10 Jamui Bhiwani Haryana 811307

About Bhiwani

Bhiwani district, located in the northern state of Haryana, India, is a region known for its rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and sporting prowess. Spread over an area of approximately 5,140 square kilometers, Bhiwani district is renowned for its vibrant culture, ancient temples, and contribution to sports, making it a significant destination for tourists and sports enthusiasts.

Bhiwani district has a rich history that can be traced back to ancient times. It was a part of the legendary kingdom of Kurukshetra, mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures like the Mahabharata. The district has been ruled by various dynasties, including the Mauryas, Guptas, Rajputs, and Mughals, who have left their mark on the region's culture and heritage.

Bhiwani district is known for its historical and religious sites. The Bhiwani Fort, also known as the Prithviraj Chauhan Fort, is a notable landmark that dates back to the 18th century and is known for its impressive architecture and historical significance. The Khera Baba Temple, located on a hilltop, is a prominent religious site dedicated to Lord Shiva and is known for its panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The Shiv Bari Temple, located in the town of Bhiwani, is another popular pilgrimage site that attracts devotees from far and wide.

Bhiwani district is also famous for its contribution to sports, particularly boxing. The region has a rich boxing tradition and has produced several national and international-level boxers. Bhiwani Boxing Club, also known as Bhiwani Boxing Club, is a renowned boxing academy that has produced several Olympic medalists and world champions. The success of boxers from Bhiwani district has earned it the nickname "Mini Cuba," in reference to the boxing powerhouse Cuba.

The culture of Bhiwani district is a reflection of its rich history and diverse communities. The district is home to various communities, including Jats, Rajputs, Brahmins, and others, each with its unique customs, traditions, and folk arts. The folk music and dance forms of Bhiwani district, such as Ragini, Teej, and Ghoomar, are popular cultural attractions that showcase the region's rich cultural heritage.

Bhiwani district also hosts various fairs and festivals that are celebrated with great enthusiasm. The Bhiwani Mahotsav, held annually, is a major cultural event that showcases the region's arts, crafts, music, and dance forms. The Bhiwani Langriwal Mela, held during the months of September and October, is another popular event that celebrates the region's agricultural heritage and offers a platform for cultural performances, sports, and trade.

In addition to its cultural and sporting significance, Bhiwani district is also known for its handicrafts and handlooms. The region is famous for its traditional art forms like Phulkari, Charkha, and Jutti making, which are cherished for their intricate designs and craftsmanship. Bhiwani district is also known for its local cuisine, which includes traditional Haryanvi dishes like Kadhi, Bajra Khichdi, and Kachri ki Sabzi, known for their unique flavors and local ingredients.

In conclusion, Bhiwani district is a region with a rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and sporting excellence.