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Panchayat is a term used in India to refer to a local self-government body at the village level. The Panchayat system is a form of decentralized governance that gives a voice to the rural population and provides a platform for addressing local issues.

The Panchayat system was introduced in India as part of the country's constitution in the 1950s, and its primary aim is to empower rural communities and improve the quality of life in rural areas. Panchayats are elected bodies that consist of a chairman or sarpanch and a number of members, and they are responsible for local administration, planning, and development.

Panchayats have the power to raise taxes, maintain local infrastructure such as roads and water supply systems, and implement government programs for the welfare of the local population. They also play a key role in rural development by addressing issues such as health, education, and employment, and promoting sustainable agriculture and rural tourism.

The Panchayat system is considered a critical aspect of India's democracy and has played an important role in promoting rural development and empowerment.