List of Country

Country is a special place on the map with its own rules, people, and way of doing things.

# Country Population Capital President
1 India 142.86 crores New Delhi Droupadi Murmu
2 United States 33.19 crores (2021) Washington, D.C. Joe Biden
3 Japan
4 United Kingdom
5 China
6 Switzerland
7 Italy

A country is a sovereign state, typically with defined borders, that is governed as an independent nation. A country is comprised of a defined territory, a population, and a government, and it is recognized as a distinct entity by the international community.

A country may be a federal or unitary state, depending on the structure of its government, and it is typically characterized by a defined political system, an economy, and a culture. The government of a country is responsible for the protection of its citizens, the administration of justice, the provision of public services, and the promotion of economic and social development.

Countries also play an important role in international relations, participating in international organizations and engaging in diplomatic relations with other countries. They are also responsible for defending their borders and maintaining the security of their citizens.

The concept of a country is central to the international system and is a fundamental aspect of modern political organization. The existence of countries allows for the protection of individual sovereignty and the promotion of international cooperation and understanding.