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A village is a small, usually rural, settlement consisting of a small group of houses and associated facilities, such as schools, shops, and places of worship. Villages are typically found in rural areas and are typically smaller in size and population compared to towns and cities.

In many countries, including India, villages are the basic units of local self-governance, and they are governed by a council called a Panchayat. Villages are usually centered around agriculture and farming, and the local economy is often based on agricultural production and small-scale commerce.

Villages often have a strong sense of community, and residents are typically closely connected to one another through family, social, and economic ties. Many traditional cultural practices and festivals are also unique to villages, and they often play a significant role in preserving cultural heritage and identity.

Overall, villages play a critical role in rural development and serve as the backbone of rural economies, as well as being important centers of cultural and social activity.